Mandarin / Ylang Ylang Hand & Body Lotion

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Mandarin / Ylang Ylang Hand & Body Lotion


Nourish, hydrate, and rejuvenate your skin with this beautifully fragrant hand and body lotion. We hand craft this exceptional moisturizer with a luxurious blend of nutrient-rich organic oils and botanicals to immediately soften skin while keeping it feeling silky and pampered for hours. Formulated to be richly emollient yet sink in readily so you can get on with life if you must. Gorgeously scented with a natural blend of essential oils to inspire your imagination and allow you to indulge in the moment.

Made by hand in small batches using the following key ingredients:

ORGANIC ALOE VERA JUICE soothes, relieves, and hydrates skin.

ORGANIC CAMELLIA (TEA SEED) OIL is a nourishing and quickly absorbing oil, treasured as a beauty secret in Japan. Loaded with moisturizing oleic acid and rejuvenating polyphenols and vitamins, this cold pressed oil is one of our favorites for it’s elegant feel and age-defying properties.

ORGANIC SHEA BUTTER is beloved for it’s creamy and luxurious moisturizing properties. This sumptuous emollient also contains a unique profile of vitamins and fatty acids which revitalize and protect skin.

ORGANIC JOJOBA OIL is a cold-pressed liquid wax that is high in vitamin E, penetrates deeply, and leaves skin feeling supple with a satin finish.

GMO-FREE VEGETABLE GLYCERIN is a natural humectant that hydrates skin and helps it retain moisture.

PRO-VITAMIN B5 penetrates skin and hair to provide moisturization, softening, and elasticity.

GREEN TEA EXTRACT, hailed as an anti-aging ingredient, is a rich source of potent antioxidants such as Vitamins C and E.

GMO-FREE VITAMIN E is crucial for protecting skin cells from the damaging effects of aging and the environment.

PARABEN-FREE Preservative

4 oz. recyclable amber glass bottle with pump.

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